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September 5, 2012 - Goofballs

Today was our siblings’ first day of school. I woke up early in the morning to bring them to school, but my mommy insisted on bringing them which was pretty darn awesome for me because I got to sleep in more. It was just a chill day. We talked on the phone for awhile and went back to sleep for a little longer. I stayed home watching “Boy Meets World” and you with “Dragon Ball Z.” I had to pick up my siblings, and before I went out, my mom gave me a bag of macadamia coffee to give to your family. I drove to your house and gave you the coffee. We hung out on the front porch until Elyse got out of school. As we were waiting, you were showing me the proper way how to use my camera. Hence the weirdness we have made together. Hehe, I’m happy that I could just be myself around you. As a goof ball. I could simply wear my hair pulled up in a pony tail, chilling with no make up, and no you don’t take it wrong. You see me more gorgeous and as beautiful as ever. I love how you could still see me pretty inside and out. Although you have your celebrity crushes, I’m still your number one girl. (Well except your mommy). It was a quick visit because I had to pick up Cole as well. Brought him home, ate a snack, and went to an intense hula practice. But as always, I love my hour of “me time.” Other than being in your arms, dancing Hula is my passion. I get to forget whatever is bothering me. It’s my escape from all of my troubles and problems. But at the end of day, I’ll always cherish our late night talks on the phone until one of us falls asleep. And of course, I was the one who knocked out first.

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September 4, 2012One Year.

It’s been a whole year. A year. Can you believe it? It’s been a whole year since you asked me to be your girlfriend. When I said, “Yes” all you had to say was “Thank you.”  Haha. Weren’t you just the cutest thing? Today marks the anniversary of us becoming an official couple. Sometimes I cannot believe that you are my boyfriend. I must have said this a million times already for a year now, but I cannot believe that my seventh grade crush told me that he likes me. Me out of every girl (or guy) in the world, chose me to like! Now it’s times for a little story time! Just to refresh and reminisce how this man has made me the happiest and most blessed woman in the world.

It’s weird how two years ago, we just were class mates. You have no idea how nervous and excited I was to have you in my Marine Biology class. You sat in the back of the class, sleeping and drooling every time you get the chance while you’re not talking to your friends or “going” to the bathroom when you really chilled in Mr. Marsh’s class to eat. On the other hand, I was Mrs. Kagel’s teacher’s pet. I answered every question, my notes were colored coded, I scored A’s in every test there was, and I made sure I did as much extra credit as possible. We were totally two different worlds when it comes to school. But that couldn’t help me noticing you noticing me noticing you. A little confusing? Well that’s how things have started with us and that’s how we will always be. During Winter Ball, I remember wearing that gold one strap dress with a matching Masquerade mask. I was killing the dance floor. Then I saw you. And her. Grr. I remembered that every chance I could get, I would try to sneak a little smile at you. But I don’t think you did the same back at the time. Haha. A month later, it was a new year and I tried my best to still have you notice me. Little did I know, you started liking me and said Fresh Prince of Bel-Air pick of lines whenever we passed each other down the hall. We started talking to each other, but not the way we expected. We talked, as friends. We were going through some phases at the time. But through the times we were going through, we became the best of friends. Homies. “Brother/Sister.” “Kuya/Ading.” Weird, right? Who would have expected that suddenly, I became your “Favorite person” to talk to? I never thought this would happen to me! I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but I was trying to play it cool. But didn’t work out as well as I planned. Haha. We were just texting each other and I was randomly talking about how if and when I have a boyfriend, I wanted he and I to be Pebbles and Bam Bam. You, out of the blue, said you wanted to be “MY BAM BAM.” (Which we were Pebbles and Bam Bam that following Halloween) We started talking, going on cute and “top secret” dates, attended WOD 2011, you were my first passenger after I got my license, and random hang outs at your house. On September 3, 2011 you asked my dad if it was okay to court me before you could ask me out. Which was cute because the day after that, I gave you a surprised visit. We had a bonfire with some of your church family with marshmallows and hot dogs. Later we had our first slow dance together and THIS is what happened (CHECK OUT THE LINK)

A year later, we have gone through ups and downs. We went though so many obstacles and experiences that made us grow individually and together. We celebrated every holiday possible. We met each other’s families. We went to each other’s churches atleast once (I go almost every Sunday now, haha). We were each other’s last kiss of the year 2011 and each other’s first kiss of 2012 in Disneyland. He watched me perform for the first time (not including Spirit Weeks in high school) at May Day. We shared many firsts. And I would have never thought that this man who is standing beside me, would prove to me that love conquers all. You are more than my boyfriend, but you are also my best friend. And I would not have it any other way, even though you could be the biggest pain of my tucus. 

On our anniversary, I went to you house early in the morning to go to our math class. It’s first class we have together since your senior year and my junior year in high school! I got to your house and headed to Peet’s Coffee. It was my first time there. It was nice enjoying my cup of  caramel latte with half and half while you had your chai tea in the overly cold weather we had in the morning. I tried to stay warm as possible, but we both couldn’t drink our beverages since we both burned our tongues. Then we got to school. You had to pick up your books, so I just played “Flow,” drink my coffee, doodled in my planner, and watched as I was holding my bladder. When you came back half an hour later, I DASHED to the bathroom. That was delightful to be empty. We had a good class and got a few groceries from Raley’s. You drove us back to your place. You had to do a couple of things that I wasn’t allowed to see so I drove home and relaxed. I went back to your place at 2:30 and went to the Newark campus. I tried adding into another class, but they were all full so I just chilled and relaxed. You got out of class and walked back to the car to drive to BJ’s. I spotted parking and you stepped out of the car. But we could go anywhere, I took off my shorts. And revealed how I was wearing a dress since I came back from my house earlier. (I was wearing a different shirt earlier but with the same shorts) Then I took out my heels I snuck into your car. I was sneaky. But it was all for you, sweetie ;) We had a fun and delicious dinner. We had calamari as we played 20 Questions/Would You Rather.  It truly felt like a first date. Fancier than our first date last year at the park. I had mahi mahi tacos while you had a double decker burger. I knew you would probably eat 3/4 of it and I was right! I win! And we shared your second pizookie ever. A white chocolate chip macadamia pizookie with vanilla ice cream. FOODGASM FTW. Siiiiiiigh. We both had a food coma and we had a little talk. Last year you asked me if I could be your girlfriend. And today, you asked me to GO STEADY with you. Total old school. But I was so happy hear that from you and I said yes :) We took some pictures outside and headed back to your house. We exchanged gifts. You already know that I love spoiling you. Hehehe. And it was cute how you thought what you have for me was nothing to what I gave you. But see this picture? You gave me this frame. Where you mixed whatever colors you had at home and finger painted every thing on here. The picture you put in here originally was one of my favorite pictures we took when we went to Stanford where I was giving you a piggy back ride. But you also gave me this picture. We took this picture RIGHT AFTER you asked me out to be your girl. And I was crying so much when you told me why you gave me this framed picture.

I was, still, and always be the happiest woman on earth as long as I know that you’re mine and holding me like how you me then and now. No matter what happens, I’ll always remember how special you are to me and how much work, effort, and sacrifice you have done for me.

I love you.

Happy Anniversary, Michael.